“Bütcher plays thrash that initially spawned what we now call first wave black metal, but the monikers are seriously unnecessary for a band with such great promise.  Whatever it is, it’s fast, it’s got hooks, it rocks, and it’s got Cvlt Nation Headquarters rocking like headbanging maniacs in spandex all over again. ”

“With all those factors coming together in the right proportions, everything from the chaotic vocals to the harmonic rhythms come together wondrously to create a very tasteful thrash record the likes of which the underground doesn’t produce often, and it’s all the more delicious because of it”

” the songs are made of solid-gold riffs and brain-piercing solos that harken back to halcyon days of speed metal as well as proto-black-metal. It’s just one full-strength injection of adrenaline after another, with enough tempo twists and turns and stylistic variances in the songs to keep you on the edge of your seats — and some glorious melodies to boot. ”

Sources : cvltnation.com | Headbangerreviews | nocleansinging.com


Black/Speed Metal