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For safety purposes, BACKPACKS ARE FORBIDDEN on the festival field

The road leading to the festival field, parking and camping will be one way only! It is strictly forbidden to park your car on that road !

(*) In case of bad weather, visitors will have to park their car in the village of Méan (follow the signs). Nobody wants his car swamped in mud !

Thanx for keeping the village clean


20.00 : Doors

21.30 : PILGRIMS (Queen covers)

23.30 : HIGH VOLTAGE (AC/DC covers)


11.00 : Doors

12.10 : AU-DESSUS (45’)

13.20 : ZURIAAKE (45’)

14.30 : MEPHORASH (45’)

15.40 : MIDNIGHT (45’)

16.50 : INCANTATION (50’)

18.05 : VOMITORY (50’)

19.20 : ASPHYX (60’)

20.45 : PRIMORDIAL (60’)

22.25 : BLOODBATH (70’)

00.00 : TORMENTOR (70’)


PARKING (read carefully)

Free parking 50 meters from the festival site.
The road leading to the festival site will be one-way only! It is strictly FORBIDDEN to park your car on that road.
In case of heavy rains, visitors will have to park their car in the village. The “official” parking will be closed.

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By train:

As Always, free shuttles from Marloie train station to the festival site :

Free buses:

1. From Marloie train station to Méan :
Friday 16th August:
18:45 – 19:45 – 20:45
Saturday 17th August:
09:45 – 10:45 – 11:45 – 12 :45

2. From the festival place to Marloie train station
Sunday 18th August:
08:45 – 09:45 – 10:45 …


Free camping 200 meters from the festival site.
A great team of volunteers is available at the (camping) bar.
Free coffee served in the morning, you’ll hear the signal!


No restriction. Paying visitors can enter and leave the festival site as many times as they wish.



No VIP area / no signing session.



We have no crystal ball, but in case of rain, bands always perform under a marquee.



New Era
Doctor Steel
+ t-shirts of the festival (15 €)


No crystal ball either.
Most tickets are usually sold a few days before the festival. It’s very difficult to tell how many tickets will be left at the entrance, if any.
Presales are doing better than ever, thus be cautious and don’t ask us the day before the fest how many tickets are left.
We won’t spend hours answering to dozens of private messages like we did the past couple of years!



We have many faithful volunteers coming back each year.
They’re working hard to make you feel great during the whole weekend. We want to thank all the visitors for treating them well through the years. 🙂


Drinks (soft, beer, Jager…) : 2 €
Ham and cheese sandwiches: 4 €
Bread with sausage: 4 €
Hamburger: 4 €.
French fries: 4 € (yes,they are back!)
Vegetarian menus


You can buy food & drink tickets using our ATM
It is NOT possible to withdraw money!


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Eventbrite tickets are NOT sent through normal post.
You can also scan your ticket using your smartphone at the gate.
You will receive multiple printable tickets if you purchase multiple tickets.

You can also buy your ticket on the Fnac Website.


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Sur Hodémont
5372 Méan (Havelange)
Email: orga@metalmean.be

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